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Parish Festival Update

Dear Parishioners and Friends of the Parish,

You may have already heard that the Parish Festival Committee, with the support of Fr. Bob,

has announced cancellation of the Parish Festival for the year 2020. We considered the

potential difficulties in running a successful event, but most importantly, the well-being and

comfort-level of our supporters, our volunteers and workers, and the vendors and bands

with whom we have contracted was our main concern. Now we have learned that our

County Executive, Matt Ossenfort, has extended the March 15, 2020 Emergency Order and

which includes fairs, carnivals, public amusement, etc. to be closed to the public. We will

miss this opportunity to work together as a team and to share those special days with all of

you. The camaraderie and support of our parish family makes this event and our parish so


As you are aware the Festival is the biggest fund-raiser our parish undertakes, and we are

fortunate that we have been able to come close to our $20,000. net profit goal each year.

Of course that will not be possible in 2020, but we ask your continued support for our

annual parish raffle. We are enclosing the usual book of ten tickets and hope that you can

sell or purchase the entire book and return ten dollars with your ticket stubs. As always, if

you would like additional tickets, we ask that you call the Parish Office at 518.842.2771 or

email us at with your request and we will be sure to get the tickets to

you. Tickets will also be available in the vestibule of the church between the hours of 8:00

a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We anticipate drawing the winners on our Facebook page, “st stans holy

door,” on the same weekend as the Festival was scheduled.

Certainly there is no substitute for being at our Festival. As you, we will miss the music and

dancing, the food, the games, the sounds and the colors, and the opportunities to see old friends

and make new ones. Depending upon restrictions and opportunities to gather in the coming

months, we are considering the feasibility of holding a Polish Dinner later in the fall. In the

meantime, please know that we are currently at work to schedule the same bands and schedule

for next year we had planned for this year. Save the date for next year’s “Pierogi, Piwo and

Polkas IV” that will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 10 and 11, 2021!

We look forward to the day when we will once again be able to worship together and

strengthen the bonds we have as a parish family. Please pray that we will all remain safe

and healthy and that our world will return, not to normal, but a little bit better for having

learned the lessons of this year.


Father Bob and the Parish Festival Committee (Harry Czosnykowski, Jim A. Dybas, Scott Marshall,

Dan McNamara, Joanne McNamara, Peter Michalski, Mark Milonovich, Ed Walega)


One of the most popular booths at our Parish Festival has been the Basket Raffle. Since the Festival last year, we have been planning for this year’s raffle and have been gathering items to build our baskets. Also enclosed with the Parish Raffle tickets are 10 tickets to be returned if you would like to participate in this opportunity to win a basket, even in this “abbreviated” raffle.

There are ten baskets available in the raffle; each basket is numbered and described below. There are

two options for purchasing the tickets: return five tickets and $5.00 or ten tickets and $10.00. On each returned ticket be sure to write your name and telephone number and the number of the basket on which you choose to take a chance. You may use all of your tickets for one basket, or select any combination of baskets.

If you desire additional tickets, please call the Parish Office at 518.842.2771 or email us at with the number of additional tickets you would like. We will be sure to get the tickets to you. Thank you.



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